My latest days

I had a great week, I sailed every day with 3,4 or 3,7 today I am having a resting day as the wind is not really good today. Tomorrow forecast looks better again. Hope to get some nice sessions again from tomorrow on.

It arrived

Yesterday I was sailing on my 4,0 and at the beginning it was quite gusty and a bit light also. After sailing for half an hours, the wind just picked up to about a 40 knots and it took about 10 minutes to pick up that much. Today it's gonna be even more wind... I am going to school now and after at 2 o'clock I'm off to Pozo Beach for more sailing

Light Friday

Yesterday I took my 4,2 sail. I did not really like the session much, it was gusty and a bit to light for 4,2. I was up at mosca point for some wave riding and after I went don't to pozo for an other session. I think today its gonna be much better... lets see.

Blog and Facebook page

Hi to all,
I know I did not update my blog for a long while, it was because I only uploaded my Facebook page, if you want you can follow me there also by clicking here. I will continue posting all new stuff in my blog again also. Wind is coming this week, will upload some pics from my latest sessions by then! Now I leave you with some shots from this winter.